Quality Care

Care, Learning and Play

The activities and the atmosphere of James Farm Day Nursery aims to encourage confidence, independence and enjoyment. Our work has, as its core, the aim of enabling children to develop their emotional, social, cognitive, interpersonal and physical skills, and their desire to explore, discover and be creative.

Here at James Farm Day Nursery we provide a well-planned and organised environment that offers rich and stimulating experiences. Activities are carefully planned to allow children to build on their natural curiosity, advance their thinking, use their imagination and develop positive social relationships. At all times, we recognise a child’s individuality, effort and achievement.

We know that learning is a shared process and that children learn most effectively when, with support of a knowledgeable and trusted adult, they are actively involved and interested No child will ever be left unsupervised during activities at James Farm Day Nursery. We are in the countryside and are able to use the surrounding fields for fabulous nature walks and even the odd bit of tree climbing and exploring! It’s because of this area of learning which we were awarded “Team of the Year 2010” – we can’t help but love the outdoors.